Friday, December 30, 2016

Back At It.... Is It #17 or 18?

    Meet Forest..

 He's number 17..or 18..or.. (One loses count after 15)

  9 week old Forest came to us on Dec 23rd.  A sturdy and rugged member of the most recent Guiding Eyes For The Blind F Litter, and next in line after our black lab Dixon moved on to college in October.  He, Dixon, is doing very well with his formal training and hopefully will become a life changing Guide Dog.
We had to delay taking on a new puppy because of surgery.  But that's past us  and we are now happily watching Forest getting more and more comfortable with us and Kiwi..his new family.
He has already begun learning the very early stuff.. name recall..sit..stay.. basic but important commands. One week down..15 months to go. And it will

So his and our new journey has begun...

He's going to do great..


  1. Great looking dog. Kudos for the work you do.

    1. Thanks John..It's a "pleasure" .. well most of the time. My best to you and Kelley The Wonder Dog..

  2. Handsome little guy, a rewarding life ahead for him---thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Bill! Yes he is a handsome little boy and we hope he'll be doing good work..thanks for the comment!!