Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes the fishing is secondary

It was just as I was afraid of..nothing..nada..not even a hit. Yesterday morning on the Penobscot proved fruitless as far as catching a striper or anything else for that matter. Unless you count a couple of big blobs of seaweed. We, myself and my faithful companion Ray, put in at the Belfast public landing around 6 and were fishing underneath the Bucksport Narrows bridges by 6:30. By the way old one is looking very shabby but with no money to tear it down I guess the state will just let it rot away..

Working our way down river, against an incoming tide we enjoyed some mighty fine scenery and architecture..

About 2 hours into fishing  Ray was pacing from bow to stern and longingly looking at the river bank. I sensed that he needed a break..if you know what I mean..I found a great little beachy area that was protected from tide and  flowage ..Ray was relieved , both psychologically and physically..By the way, speaking of tide and flowage..When the seaweed hit my streamer I put the motor in N and noticed that we were actually drifting up  river , against the river flow (and the Penobscot is no little meandering waterway), a testament to the strength of our everyday, tidal tsunami's .

We continued on to Sandy Point and the wreckage of the old wharf ..

And finally the ledges of Fort Point Lighthouse..

As I said..the fishing is sometime secondary.
 As much as I was hoping to catch ..something..well maybe not the seaweed..The morning turned out to be a resounding success. One of  "those" standout days that will be fondly remembered come next February. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exercise In Futility? Stripers In The Riva'?

Well I'm going to go for it Thursday AM..early.. The tide is right (HT @ 9:45)..
partlycloudy Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 70s. Light and variable winds.               
 Weather looks great....
I've got my arsenal picked out, accompanied of course with the obligatory plugs, flashers and imitation worms. 
I have my area of op's chosen..from the Bucksport bridge, down the shoreline of Verona Island to Sandy Point...
Now all I need is the presence of stripers..of course there have been no stripers caught in the Penobscot River for a couple of years..but that doesn't deter me..perhaps this is the year..whatever...I have heard of no striper action north of the Kennebec. So odds are..
Well here's to the morning! 
(This is the part where I lift my glass.) 


Beautiful Sunset On West Grand Lake

We spent the first week of July at West Grand Lake , Downeast in Washington County. West Grand is one of the jewels of Maine and it is sad to admit that it has taken me into my golden years to discover it. 
But how thankful I am that I made that discovery (with a big push from my extended families , the Bailey's and Vose's). For if it wasn't for them I doubt that I would have ever plied the waters of Dyer, Whitney, Farm and Kitchen Coves, The Gut, The Narrows or The Thoroughfare.  However I'm sure West Grand would have been better off without me. But..too late for that...
This panorama was taken by my son Ben's girlfriend, Sara , and what a sweet young woman she is. It shows one of the many beautiful sunsets from our "compound" in Kitchen Cove. It's been over 3 weeks since we left and I am already counting the days for my return. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Islesoro, Cape Rosier and Bucks Harbor Steam Yacht Cangarda

We took an early cruise this morning past Islesboro across to Cape Rosier with a stop on Pond Island and then at Bucks Harbor Yacht Club. (The Lund Rebel Sport fit right in.)

 On the way back we came across the steam yacht Cangarda, anchored off Islesboro. She is the last surviving US-built steam yacht in the US, and one of only three left in the world.* 

I was filming against the light going out, sorry it's so dark, and it was a bit choppy out there this morning. 

Not Oscar material.


Duck Hunting Practice

I guess these good ol' boys are tuning up for some duck hunting action!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boat Launching Belfast Public Landing

I wonder if video taping and driving is frowned upon as is texting and driving? 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celtic Festival Belfast Waterfront

Yesterday we strolled around the waterfront and took in the sites, sounds and smells of the Celtic Festival that is an annual summer event here in Belfast..It was one of those high summer know the ones that N K Cole sang about.."lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer". The old town is hopping lately..Very enjoyable music and brews..Above was my favorite tent.
A nice spot to enjoy the festivities.

 Fine Celtic entertainment.
The big building with the green shutters and green roof is called "The Boathouse". Built just a few years ago on the site of the old Boston steamboat wharf.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Booming Belfast Waterfront

Well it's been a while since my last post. We got back from West Grand Lake on the 9th and I'm still working on a bunch of pictures of our activities. I think we took over 800 photos..that darned "Sports/Activity" setting, I call it the Tommy Gun setting,  on our Canon just keeps firing away on full automatic. So I'm still editing and hope to post a report by the first of the week.

In the meantime...last evening my sister and husband took us out to a lobster and clam feed at Young's Lobster Pound. It's located on the eastern shore of Belfast Bay and has open wharf dining on picnic tables. A very popular spot for the Rt.1 traveler. From their wharf you get a great view of the Belfast waterfront and the new Front Street Shipyard with its 165 ton capacity mobile boat lift. The shipyard is located on the former Stinson Seafood sardine factory property. The bay was flat calm and we enjoyed a fine meal while observing the comings and goings of a bustling waterfront.

This gull was just over my right shoulder and was keeping a very close eye on our meal.
The view of the Belfast waterfront from the Young's Seafood wharf
Here's a look at the work in progress of the Front Street Shipyard taken from the Veterans Memorial Bridge on the Belfast side of the bay.
Looking out of the Belfast harbor..flat calm and a fuzzy shot of the lift.. On the left of the first photo is a red building with a white roof..that is where we had dinner. And in the next fuzzy photo you can see part of downtown Belfast.
Looking out thru the lift. The shipyard still has a lot of work left to be done.