Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's A Start...

Once again my annual spring kickoff coincides with the appearance of the lowly but lovely and delicious..fiddlehead

An ever watchful Ray and I


 were off on our quest this week to "our" favorite spot to check on the status of the delicate and delectable early spring Maine morsel.

The conditions this cold and wet spring have been ideal with lots of runoff that has flooded over the beds and deposited a new layer of stream silt and sand in which fiddleheads seem to thrive .


And to our delight we were rewarded with a small area of the protruding, onion skinned covered "greens". I'm not really sure if they are "greens" (like dandelion and beet)  but they sure are green against the browns and greys of an immature spring.

Any fiddleheader , who's worth their salt pork, knows that they are the best when still tightly curled up and still in their fiddlehead form.

In short order we had accomplished what we came for...

Our first mess of fiddleheads..

And soon they were cleaned and ready for the pot and our supper table.