Friday, April 26, 2013

Shakedown Cruise...Lake Megunticook

It was time. 

After a long winter and a cold, windy, rainy Spring, we were ready to begin the 2013 boating season with our shakedown cruise. 

We picked one of our favorite spots, Lake Megunticook and we chose Sunday last.
The day was bright, blue with a cool wind that was strong enough to produce small whitecaps on the lake. The town had not put the ramp floats in yet and we were the only ones at the Rt. 52 landing. But soon enough the boat launch and parking lot will be fully utilized, to become somewhat of an obstacle course for those of us whose trailering skills are constantly being challenged.

After a winter's worth of storage, my main concern (as always) was the motor. Once the boat was out of the garage and with  freshly charge batteries installed, I very briefly fired her up. But it is always a big relief to hear the purring of the 4 stroke when it's actually in the water instead of sitting in the driveway.

Once out on the lake we discovered that we weren't alone after all. One other boat with a couple of fishermen trolling for rainbows which I had been told were being caught on the surface. Unfortunately I did not bring along my fly rod but did have a spinning rod stored in the boat which was not long in becoming un-stored.

It was great to be back on the water..sun on my face and fish on the scope.
(But alas none brought to net.)

And let me not forget my wonderful companions..

My wife Pat, Zed and Ray.

It wasn't long however before the boys were longingly looking toward the nearest shoreline for perhaps an overdue rest stop.

While they were doing their thing I came across this..

Clearly someone has been very busy this spring.

With the sun dropping and the wind seeming a little more chilly we headed back to the launch, fully satisfied with our shakedown cruise and eagerly anticipating many more to come.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ready To Go!

I took a short ride to the public boat landing here in Belfast to check out it's status and much to my pleasure I found the landing clear and the floats in place, Ready To Go.
Unfortunately my boat was not. She was in my garage and still serving as a large tote filled  with much of last falls, pre-winter yard clean up. Things like lawn chairs..bird baths..a hammock..a puppy pool and lots more.
So..after my boat launch discovery, and with the accompanying motivation, I tackled the jumble of stuff that was filling my boat tote and she sits..
Ready To Go. Ready for the start of the 2013 season. and I am so Ready too!