Tuesday, March 21, 2017



 Well it's officially Spring, at least that's the designation on the calendar. Things seemed to have been moving along just fine. The ground was bare, the sap buckets were out, the rake nearly made it out of winter storage..and then..snow..18" of the stuff. Winter was back with a vengeance. Very annoying...

Aside from the new seed and fishing catalogs that have been springing up in my roadside mailbox, one other spring indicator for me are the boat shows that arrive in several Maine locations this time of year. So Pat and I took advantage of a nice Sunday to check out some of the new models at The Bangor Boat Show.

What a pleasure to see all the gleaming and shined up models..bass boats..runabouts..jon boats..pleasure boats..jet skis.. and seemingly taking up half the floor space..party barges. (They look like it would be fun to rent one for a day with a bunch of friends and , well, party. Possibly they might be too much fun.)


Not a sail to be seen. No, not in this show. This one is all about filling up the tank and grippin' it and rippin' it. 

And once we got home? I took a slightly longer glance at our little craft  safely tucked away in the garage.

And during those few seconds longer I found myself looking forward to the boating times that we are hoping to enjoy this coming season.  Our little boat may not be as shiny and gleaming as it once was but we are feeling pretty darned fortunate to have her. And the one option that she has that none of the new boats have? 

Great memories..