Friday, August 30, 2013

Ray The Wanna’ B Retreiver?

We took our boy, Big Ray, out to a friends camp on Halfmoon Pond in Swanville / Prospect the other day for a swim. And there he encountered a small flock of quackers which clearly caused  a bit of confusion on his part.
I've never used him as a gun dog but it seems to me that from his body language his instincts were kicking in..  soon however he overcame his primal urges and settled instead for a handful of kibbles.
Guess he's not ready for prime time...

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Much Ado About Lobster....

Having been home for a week from our vacation in the Gouldsboro / Corea / Prospect Harbor area, I find my mind wandering back to the many pleasures that we had spending time Downeast. 

Since I've lived on the Maine coast my entire life, one might think that complacency would overtake my enthusiasm for the special treats that it has to offer. One might think that..But one would be wrong. 

And perhaps topping off the "Treat List" would be the spiny, nasty tempered, scavenging, salt water bug that we love..lobster..

Soon we found ourselves outside the front door of what must be one of the busiest lobster landing spots located on our beautiful shores...

The Corea Lobster Co-Op

The nice folks inside ushered us down to their wharf where we would find a lobster lovers paradise.

While the rest of my party worked their way to the end of the wharf, the first thing that struck me was the warehouse, within which were totes upon totes of the smelly bait that is the object of affection for 
Homarus Americanus. 

Slipping and sliding past the warehouse door I joined the rest of my companions at the front (or back) of the wharf to observe the goings on. Lobster boats were everywhere to be seen. These were serious fishing boats with serious men tending to them.

Lobsters coming off and bait going on..

with plenty of totes.
Many filled with the catch and many more waiting to be filled and weighed.  

At last we caught the eye of one of the crew who took our order and filled a bag with a mess of the absolutely freshest lobster that one could find.

One last look around and we were heading back to the cottage.

Soon our supper found themselves in a bucket covered over with some fresh rockweed with their final destination only minutes away..

It's a far, far better thing that they did then they had ever done before..

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Camp Pie..Dutch Oven Style

Since we are vacationing for a week on the shores of Gouldsboro Bay on the back doorstoop of Acadia National Park, it was decided to take advantage of the one of the two most noted and beloved gifts of nature that the area has to offer. Of course I speak about lobster and wild blueberries. It is the latter that this post will deal with..

Nothing beats camp food. Whether it be a grilled steak, or a pot of beans or roasted potato or biscuits or...  

Dutch Oven Blueberry Pie prepared by my Downeast Gal..Pat

Step 1
Find an appropriate spot for your set up. In this case it was the red granite ledge in front of the cottage and on the shore of the bay. 

Start some charcoal briquettes and arrange them in a single layer over which the Dutch Oven will be positioned.

And don't forget to place the pie in the oven. 
On goes the lid with more briquettes on top.
On the side of your fire pit you should have a separated section devoted to replacement briquettes ready for action as the others burn out on the top and under the oven.
Eventually having the lid completely covered with ash and the live briquettes..
Bake the pie until the crust is brown and the blueberries are yummy, sweet, blue bubbling stew of delicious Maine goodness. About an hour. Then remove from the heat and let the cast iron pot continue to do it's thing..
Sweep the ashes of the lid , serve and enjoy!
Now where is that lobster????