Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rowing Regatta and National Boat Building Challenge Belfast

 My hometown of Belfast had another fine activity this past weekend..

The National Boat Building Challenge..

As the name states..the concept is simple:
" Teams of two build the same skiff design. They are graded on time of build, quality of workmanship, and speed on the water against each other. These are real boats and the competition is open to all, housing contractors, plumbing inspectors, paper-pushers, professional wooden boat builders, and general lay-abouts."

So I decided to check out the contest. Now I'm not sure if I missed most of the action or if there was a small turnout this year but I only saw 2 or 3 boats being built under the tent and no finished products. Perhaps they were undergoing sea trials and were displayed on Sunday ..

There was also a rowing regatta with a half dozen entries..The boats, or Cornish rowing gigs,  have a crew of 6 rowers and a coxswain and are roughly 30 feet long. There were also 2 gigs that had an all female crew. There were  2 teams from Belfast, 3 teams from Plymouth MA, a team from Gloucester MA and a team from Buzzard's Bay.  Call it home field advantage if you will, but the gig "Belle Fast" came in first , a full 20 seconds over a gig from Plymouth and the Belfast women's gig beat out the arch rival women's gig from Plymouth.

I've got to hand it to the organizers of this event and the other summer events in the "olde town" this summer..they sure have had Belfast buzzin'!

These gigs were pushing off from area that the old Boston / Eastern Steamboat Wharf was located..sadly the deteriorated, broken down pilings are all that remain.. .

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Working Waterfront

I normally don't post links to outside sites..but this is a very interesting , Maine related website..By the way, I'm far removed from fishing at the moment, here at the Motel 6 in Danvers.. I decided to tag along with my wife who had Guiding Eyes For The Blind business in Newton yesterday and today in Nashua and ..after Nashua on to Kent Ct/Patterson NY vicinity..but I am living the "sporting" life vicariously thru the wonderful blogs that I avidly follow..Anyways..if you have a second check out the website..Tight Lines to you all!

The Working Waterfront

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vinalhaven For The Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day so Pat and I, plus another couple that are close friends with, Martha and Glenn,  took advantage of it and got the 7AM ferry..The Governor Curtis..from Rockland bound for Vinalhaven. Vinalhaven is 12 miles off the mainland and one of those quintessential Maine destinations. The Gov. Curtis accommodates 16 cars and that is a tight fit. And if there are any 18 wheelers or dump trucks..space is a premium. Since there was no way to get our car across and even less chance to get it back we hoofed it on board accompanied by Tessie. It was a great day to do some hiking anyway.
One of the older,smaller and less used ferries.
Leaving the ferry terminal in our wake
Rockland is still a working harbor
Coast Guard Station
The mile long Rockland breakwater and light and..a good spot for fishing!
Owl's Head Lighthouse
Some of the many islands on the way
Heading in the the village of Vinalhaven
The name says it all!
Wonder what the main source of income is?
Love the homemade sign!

Typical scenery
Pups like to fish too!
Dig the name of the lobsta' boat in the foreground
Tessie and some new friends watching the sailing regatta

What a great experience we all had ..highly recommended.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flat Island Partie Deux

Last Sunday was the  Second "Annual" Bailey / Webber Flat Island (almost) Sunrise Breakfast Summer Gathering. A fine morning menu was planned out by Deb and Pat including deviled eggs, bagels, cheeses, ham, jam, prosciutto, all washed down with Mimosas using my favorite sparkling wine, Prosecco .

The morning sky was clear and bright, the bay was a beautiful blue, changing to a light green hue as we motored further from the harbor.  Seals, porpoise, ducks, ospreys, loons, and herons all added their natural beauty to the morning.   And with an incoming tide no worries, because sometimes we can be forgetful beachcombers, about our boat being grounded out on the sand bar.
Pat preparing to retrieve the boat prior to launching.
Leaving the inner harbor
Digging in!
Chillin' out is easy with views like this!
Yes I did take one of my fly rods.
First "tinker" of the season..
I'd be worried if I were the one on the left.
The last surviving U.S. built steam yacht in the U.S. and one of only 3 in the world...The "Cangarda"
 Prepared for any eventuality...
Can you imagine pulling a hundred lobster traps using one of these dories as they did back in the day!

It was a truly lovely outing and I'm anxious to get back out.