Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finally..A Break In The Rain..Eel Fishing

     It finally stopped raining long enough so Kiwi and I could get out for a walk this morning..I figured the upper end of The Rail Trail would be a good choice as most of our normal hiking paths were sure to be very mucky..

     Not far from the start (or the end) of the trail is the old Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad trestle spanning the upper Passawassawakeag River, which is mostly tidal water. Underneath the footbridge and the highway bridge, just up stream were some elver nets.

These baby eels can sell for $2000.00 per pound. Yes that's right.  2 G's per pound. I guess a $10.00 a pound hard shell lobster isn't such a bad deal after all.. 

We also managed to spy a bald eagle, a kingfisher and assorted sea ducks. Time well spent

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Busy As A Beaver..Only It's Woody Woodpecker

I haven't been able to observe the culprit who's been hard at work on one of the fir trees on our property but I have a pretty strong suspicion ..

Pretty low for a nesting spot? Bugs? This early? Anyways old Woody is making short work of the soft wood.

And it looks like we dodged a bullet on the snowstorm forecast for this weekend..lots of room for snow out in The Atlantic Ocean..50's in the forecast for later on this coming week..almost time to start doing springtime boat chores...