Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tired Puppy !!!!

I have a very tired pup tonight from another fruitless fishing effort today. But I did manage to snag a mess of fiddleheads for supper.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maine Island Trails

I was very pleased to find in yesterday's mail my 2011 Maine Island Trail Guide and Map Book. This is , I think, my 3rd year as a member of this fine organization. In fact it was deemed by Downeast Magazine as Maines "Best Trail". Living on the coast, I spend more time cruising the Maine islands in my immediate vicinity than I do fishing in our fine lakes and ponds. Of course, the salt water fishing experience in none too shabby so that just adds to my happy experiences.
However, I hope to expand my explorations this year to other areas such as Boothbay and Mt. Desert, and maybe Downeast... although things do happen quickly in the summer around here..So excuse me..

Below are the more "common" or frequented areas that I call my home grounds. However even these areas that I can navigate fairly safely without the aid of a chart are far from common, with many nooks and crannies that I have yet to discover.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lake St George First Day Out

Finally..all conditions were good for a go..Friday was the first day out in my boat for the 2011 season. And a fine day it was on Lake St. George in Liberty. When I first arrived there was a bit of a breeze and a slight chop but that soon abated and Ray and I were soon fishing and basking in some fine spring warmth. There were plenty of fish showing up on the sonar, schools of baitfish I assume, and the water was just nudging 40 degrees.

Ray settled in for the duration patiently awaiting our first salmon of the season which unfortunately didn't happen, at least for me. The loons apparently were successful as were some of the other fishermen, one telling me at the boat landing that he caught 5 and had lost just as many. He said was using down riggers and sewn smelts. The fish were at 20 - 30 feet so my technique of sinking fly line with a split shot and streamers clearly was not the right combination.
But none the less it was absolutely marvelous getting back out on the water, the motor purring like a kitten and with the sound of a slight chop spanking the side of my boat, it was a day well savored.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lesson Learned

So I'm out brook fishing Sunday with my dog Ray..It was a fine spring day and I had the windows down and the sunroof open..blasting some tunes..feeling fine..It started to get a little noisy in the Jeep with the air blowing in so I decided to just keep the sunroof open and close the windows..Up they go accompanied with a loud snap..Yup..I had forgotten that the tip of my newish fly rod was sticking out the drivers side rear window..You know when those power windows close there's a fair amount of squishing power involved..much more than a fly rod can stand..So my new fly rod will be delivered today..Lesson learned...I hope..........

Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Day Out

I finally got my act together and spent half of today fly fishing..It's been awhile and my casting skills are atrocious but I got out and enjoyed a beautiful early spring day here in Maine. I decided to try a couple of spots that I had never fished before and one of them, a small "river" that has had in the past a small Atlantic Salmon run, forewarned me about hooking up one of these regal fish..not that there was any worry about that , this time of year..but I duly took note.
There is still a couple of feet of snow in the woods. I was a bit surprised by the amount. When I used to downhill ski , we called this type of springtime snow..corn snow..I guess it's now called granular..but I digress..
I was a bit surprised as well that the water levels were so I said I've never fished this "river" before so I have no prior knowledge of the flows. Very bright and sunny.
A better stretch of river..but not even a bump.
Looking back to the road..

Although I had no luck whatsoever was absolutely glorious getting back out with a fly rod in far as my casting skills,well that's another matter...................And as far as the fish.."when the leaves are as big as a mouse's ear"......

Friday, April 8, 2011

Unveiling 2011

Unveiling Spring 2011

Today I'm home as there is no school today...parent/teacher thing going on..I've taken this lovely but cool spring morning, around 27 degrees, to bring the Rebel Sport out of it's winter cocoon, a favorite day of mine surpassing even the Red Sox opening day. Particularly this spring..

Soon there will be open water on some local lakes and I want to be ready for that happy day. I often overlook the fine fishing in local lakes for the sake of hauling my butt down The Airline to West Grand or north to Moosehead, which are still my favorite fishing destinations. That being said..within 15 miles of my home are 3 wonderful lakes with all 3 producing fine brookies and 2 of them noted lakes for early season landlock salmon.

And..perhaps I will even get out today with my fly rod..maybe more on that later...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ice Out West Grand Lake ?

I talked with "The Mayor" of Grand Lake Stream today and the topic of salmon fishing on West Grand came up..imagine that!

"The Mayor" , a venerated Maine Guide, predicted a possible ice out the third week of this month..which just happens to be a vacation week for us educational professionals. (And I use that term very lightly in my case). But nevertheless, it would be VERY handy.

And with that bit of encouraging postulation, my thoughts turn to:

Opening Day 2011 Shutout

Yesterday was opening day for fishing here in Maine..well sort of..usually I'm not a huge participant of opening day fishing as , in the past, the water is too high or it's too cold or there's too much ice or this or that. Last year however, because of the very fine spring weather opening day got booted up a week early by special proclamation of Gov. Baldarci (spelling? you know Mama's boy..) and I did take part. Yesterday?..not so much..

That old hag Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us , the B....!

So I spent a valuable fishing day looking out my windows with disgust and thinly veiled anger and working on my taxes..Oh Joy..Oh Joy! There were a few, much hardier souls than I, who did get out and actually caught some brookies..God Bless 'em!! And compared to them I stand humbly in their shadows..

So today I must spend a good part of the morning shoveling and scooping my driveway ..I called off the plowman due to soft ground.. and may head west on Rt. 3 to take in the sportsman show in fishing today but possibly tomorrow.

So like the Red Sox I am 0&1..however there is a long way to go!