Friday, June 2, 2017

Shakedown Cruise 2017 Belfast Harbor

Finally..we were able to get the boat out of the garage and into the water for a brief shakedown cruise in Belfast Harbor. Taking advantage of a break in the cold, wet , nasty weather so far this spring we headed to the boat ramp for our initial 2017 launching. 

Poor Forest..this being his first boat ride, he was a little anxious at the start but settled in quite nicely with the aid of peanut butter infused kongs and kibbles.  Kiwi on the other hand is now an ol' salt and took the entire experience in stride.  Ever mindful and on point for the possibility of more treats. 

As there was a breeze and subsequent chop and being that this was our first outing after a very long winter's layoff, we kept the cruise on the conservative side enjoying the inner harbor and keeping a close eye out on the boat's systems. 

In my excitement I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone for the photos..The waterfront was very active and there was an added bonus.  The "Gulf Challenger", The University of New Hampshire's marine research vessel , of which my nephew is Captain, was tied up for a couple of weeks worth of work.

As I said, it was a short cruise but significant in the fact that we were finally back out on the water and all systems checked out. 

Hopefully we'll get into a better weather pattern soon.