Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mamosas and Flat Island with Mike and Deb

Setting up our breakfast site

Last July my wife Pat, my brother in law Mike , sister in law Deb and I struck out of Belfast Harbor bright and early. It was a beautiful early morning on Penobscot Bay. Flat water, incoming tide, warm air. We headed over to Islesboro and trolled for mackerel down the eastern shore , not finding much luck. But by then we were ready for breakfast so decided to move on to Flat Island.

Deb Preping
The menu consited of coffee, cheeses, fruits, bread, Prosciutto, salami, homemade jellies,fruit and of course Mamosas. We lingered for sometime enjoying the companionship, the warm morning, the conversation and the basic joy of being on an island in Penobscot Bay.

Packed Up

So after a bit we decided to try our luck at more fishing and headed over to the mainland toward Lincolnville Beach and back up the coast to Belfast Harbor. We did hit a few fish off Northport with a spirited fishing contest ensuing between Deb and Mike. Mike hitting it large

It was one of those truly great days on the water. Hard to believe it was over 4 months ago. But we have already started our planning for next summer. Hopefully that morning will be warm and calm . And in the company of family, it will definitely be another great day on the bay.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tough Past Week

As you may surmise, I  use this blog as sort of an online diary of what's going on in my life. I try to keep it on task, you know, fishing and hunting stuff. But sometimes I digress and throw in some other things that you may find off subject but that make me feel a little better if I write about here I go again..

The past week has been a tough one for daughter had surgery (she's ok), we had to put down our 14 yr old lab (previously noted), I've been sick with a lousy cold and to top it all off..we had to "put up" our boat for the winter..all these things have gotten me down but it's a new week and time to move on.

So with that in mind..

This week I will be smiling about all the wonderful time we were able to spend with Dove,  looking forward to Thanksgiving and major family time, continuing my hunting story, and planning our next season's fishing trips on West Grand Lake, Moosehead Lake, Lake St. George, Lake Megunticook, Penobscot Bay and River, Casco Bay, the Kennebec River and elsewhere..What, maybe 5 1/2 months till ice out?  Not really so long if you don't think about it much..Of course I will..every day!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dove , A Goodbye

We've had a sad occurrence at our house yesterday..Dove..our 14 year old lab , had to be put down. Dove led a life of service, she was a Guide Dog For The Blind and came back to us after she retired. My wife was her puppy raiser so long ago. Pat taught her basic socialization , fundamental commands, and preliminary guide dog skills. Then Dove went to "college" (Guiding Eyes For The Blind in Yorktown Heights NY), graduated top of her class and was a highly successful guide dog and companion for nearly 10 years for a very nice lady in Albany. And when she had had enough she came back home to live her final years with us as a regular , ordinary dog.. Of course she wasn't. She was special, very special. We will miss you Dove..Enjoy your well deserved reward..

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." Will Rogers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Up North Maine Fly-Castings

My sincere thanks goes to Ben at Up North Maine Fly Castings for "highlighting" this humble blogger on his website..  It's a terrific website to check out great hunting and fishing stories and photographs about Maine. If you haven't checked it's a must!  Thanks again Ben...Mike

AND..I am working on another "installment" to my hunting with Dad post..Lots of stuff going on right now and just haven't gotten to it but will very shortly..thanks!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Deer Hunting With Dad - Intro

I've been doing a lot of thinking of deer hunting lately..mostly in the reminiscent mode, back to "yesteryear". Actually many years ago, my grade school years,  when my father would allow me , include me, put up with me, (probably the put up thing more than the others) to accompany him on one of his frequent deer hunts. 

As I've mentioned in earlier posts that my Dad was an avid fly fisherman but he had a special love for deer hunting. I'm not sure why he held it so close to him. Maybe it went back to his childhood on the family farm in Monroe, maybe it was the time of year, maybe it was the comradery with his hunting buddies..Not sure, never asked..

So I'm putting together some thoughts,  I actually have been doing so very sporadically for a few years now, on my impression of "it", the feel of "it",  the lasting significance of "it",  the it of "it".  Why, at this time of year, every year, "it" takes hold of me so firmly. I seemed to be warmed by the bosom of "it". 

Funny..because I'm not an active hunter any longer and haven't been for many years..and bird hunting was always more enjoyable to me..AND...I am definitely not anti-hunting, just haven't done it in a long while.

So in future posts I will be trying to explain what it was like to go "Deer Hunting With Dad". The basic story is absolutely true..some of the comments that I attribute to my father and myself?..I think they are close but, I'm not sure , probably an interpretation of what I think was said some 50 years ago.

To my readers..please comment on my posts. I really like your insights on what I write.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Deer Season Warmer Upper

Now that deer season is upon us, one's thoughts must travel to preventing hypothermia whilst sitting in a stand or on top of a very cold stone wall.. I would suggest taking along as company a small amount of the Dr.. Purely medicinal of course. I have warmed up my belly with it many times on the barren , cold, windswept plains of the Northport Golf Club.. All hail the Dr.!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flashback - Grand Lake

Here's an old photo that I found somewhere on the net and had stored on one of my computers.Just now came across it.Apparently it was taken in 1920. 
 When we were at GLS this past summer we heard  stories from Jack Perkins about the steamers that hauled  the sports canoes uplake and they would fish back. I found it fascinating to hear some of the stories of the old timers. Can't wait to get back for more!