Friday, April 8, 2011

Unveiling 2011

Unveiling Spring 2011

Today I'm home as there is no school today...parent/teacher thing going on..I've taken this lovely but cool spring morning, around 27 degrees, to bring the Rebel Sport out of it's winter cocoon, a favorite day of mine surpassing even the Red Sox opening day. Particularly this spring..

Soon there will be open water on some local lakes and I want to be ready for that happy day. I often overlook the fine fishing in local lakes for the sake of hauling my butt down The Airline to West Grand or north to Moosehead, which are still my favorite fishing destinations. That being said..within 15 miles of my home are 3 wonderful lakes with all 3 producing fine brookies and 2 of them noted lakes for early season landlock salmon.

And..perhaps I will even get out today with my fly rod..maybe more on that later...

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