Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lake St George First Day Out

Finally..all conditions were good for a go..Friday was the first day out in my boat for the 2011 season. And a fine day it was on Lake St. George in Liberty. When I first arrived there was a bit of a breeze and a slight chop but that soon abated and Ray and I were soon fishing and basking in some fine spring warmth. There were plenty of fish showing up on the sonar, schools of baitfish I assume, and the water was just nudging 40 degrees.

Ray settled in for the duration patiently awaiting our first salmon of the season which unfortunately didn't happen, at least for me. The loons apparently were successful as were some of the other fishermen, one telling me at the boat landing that he caught 5 and had lost just as many. He said was using down riggers and sewn smelts. The fish were at 20 - 30 feet so my technique of sinking fly line with a split shot and streamers clearly was not the right combination.
But none the less it was absolutely marvelous getting back out on the water, the motor purring like a kitten and with the sound of a slight chop spanking the side of my boat, it was a day well savored.


  1. We had the same deal going on at Tunk Lake yesterday, the fish finder was reading action at 15 feet to 25 feet. I tried running lead core, a small flasher, and smelt streamer, but we didn't have any luck either. After the initial splash, I'm eager to get the duck blind off the Force and put on my trolling gear.

  2. I was wondering where you were.
    Trolling streamers on such beautiful waters.
    I love it.

    Nice post

  3. Yes DEDH..I'm excited about the upcoming season as are we fortunate to be living here in Maine!

    Thanks Brk Trt..I really appreciate it.

  4. You were 25 minutes from my house! AND just where was my invite?!?! :)

  5. Hi Mike-
    Can you take me sometime? I miss freshwater fishing.

  6. I would love to Becca! Think we can tear Bry away from lobstering?