Friday, August 14, 2015

It's a Harbor Happening..

In order to kick off this years Belfast Harbor Fest, the town received some visitors, who it seems to me,  puts us on the yachting world map.

The tide was low but spirits high as we strolled past the boat ramp..

With pennants flying against a beautiful blue sky,

The New York Yacht Club had arrived..

A good contingency had tied up or moored in Belfast Bay, consequently making the Public Landing a very busy spot to be..

A happening...

Motor yachts, sailboats, dories and dinghies, all contributed to the hustle and bustle of a very busy waterfront...

What a change from the "Smaltz Port" notoriety that was Belfast's reputation years ago when the bay was used for convenient disposal of raw sewerage and chicken offal.

But those days are long gone and now Belfast has become A Destination for cruise ships, boats and yachts of all shapes and sizes..

And it is so very nice to see..

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lovin' Eastport..

Last weekend my family and I traveled Downeast to Eastport for a memorial of a family friend. 

Eastport has been down trodden for a lot of years and I remember it to be a town of plywood covered windows, with the atmosphere of a dying community.  But I am extremely happy to report that on our visit those images and feelings no longer seem to apply. We happened to be there during the dedication and festivities of the bronze sculpture of a mermaid which adorns the lovely harbor walk.

The next day on an early Sunday morning I took a stroll around the still sleepy town, just after a beautiful downeast  sunrise.

The breakwater which partially collapsed last December is being rebuilt and to me symbolizes the "rebuilding" of the town itself.


As well as the fishing fleet there are of course a few anchor businesses in town that have seen it all.  Including The Waco Diner. Established in 1924 and a staple of downtown , and some say the oldest diner in Maine, 
Looking down (or up)...

 or up (or down)..I guess it depends if you are an uptown person or a downtown person..

or from the water,
you can see and sense the pride and love that it's citizens have for their community reflected by the storefronts and it's upbeat atmosphere. 
It truly is a gem of a Maine place to visit and we are sure to be back. You should too.
Good going Eastport!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Moving On..without Ray

THE day that all pet lovers dread arrived at our home in June.

The decision had to be made to let our loving, kindhearted, sweet boy Ray move on. And even though that day was some six weeks ago, I sit here still stunned and heart broken but eternally grateful for the 11 plus years that we were blessed with him in our lives.

Ray was a once in a lifetime dog, as my wife Pat often said, "A one in a million dog." I've never known a dog with such a kind heart and loving soul, and I've had many dogs in my life. Although I have loved them all,  there was something very exceptional about Ray, a combination of intelligence, a total willingness to please and most importantly to emanate love. 

He touched everyone he met.

There will be other dogs..Andre and Kiwi are with us now. Andre is a Guiding Eyes For The Blind program puppy and will be going on to "college" in 4 or 5 months and we will miss him.  Kiwi is our new, forever pup, a medical release from GEB and a very sweet girl and is integrating nicely into our family life.  We are so happy to have them here with us but there will never be another Ray.

This picture of him blissing out in the summer sun on Penobscot Bay, taken by Pat, so sums up Ray. 


"He spoke through tears of 15 years how his dog and him traveled about The dog up and died, he up and died And after 20 years he still grieves" -Mr Bojangles by Jerry Jeff Walker 

We are going to miss him so very much...

Monday, July 13, 2015

Stunned and Hearbroken..

maine-matters has been terribly quiet as of late..

My life has been struck with  tragedy...

Just 3 weeks ago we had to put down our wonderful, once in a lifetime companion Big Ray.

He was almost 12 years old and had stomach cancer.  I know "it" was the right thing to do for him but that is of little condolence for the heart break that we feel.

Even now as I write this short post, I weep for him..

As time moves on and I gather myself I will be writing an appropriate eulogy for our beautiful, loving yellow boy..

How can it be?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First Real Cruise of '15..Finally.....

What a Saturday to be out on our boat heading to our “secret location’ , on  the first REAL summer cruise of ’15.
Tied up along the ledges with about 35 feet of water 2 feet out from the edge and with a lovely brunch to be enjoyed with our traveling companions..
Today is a different story. Enjoyable in it’s own right with the much needed rain and with a pot of baked beans for later.
Using of course “Mother Mabel’s secret recipe”..
And so there is “this secret” and “that secret”…
Sometimes it’s best that way………

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Open Water Fishing Season? Really?

April 1 is opening day for most streams and brooks in Maine..
well at least it's supposed to be..
this is what things looked like just a couple of days ago..
guess I'll wait a bit longer..

(I grabbed this image from a post on a fishing forum that I read..I don't know who took it but thanks!)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pizza At The Plumb and Bobber Searsmont

It was cold, no not cold but frigid..a perfect evening for it...

We took advantage of the gracious invite by Deb and Mike to join them for a pizza party at their home in Searsmont village.  Not just any old regular pizza party mind you but this party would have pizza baked in their vintage brick oven located in their basement room, named The Plumb and Bobber .

They discovered the walled in oven during one of their many renovations of their old village homestead. And with painstaking attention to detail, have been adding thoughtful touches to the decor and functionality of this wonderful spot.

Having started the fire earlier in the afternoon..the oven was at a toasty 900 plus degree temperature, nearly attaining critical mass.

 So letting the flames die down to a beautiful bed of coals  we had time to enjoy our appetizer of mussels with smoked butter and garlic.

At this temperature and under Mike's watchful eye it wasn't long before they were on the table.

 After our shellfish it was time to choose the toppings and spices for our pies.
And there were many choices to be had with a well stocked and well thought out pantry.

 Deb was soon putting the finishing touches on what just happens to be my favorite pizza,  green pepper, onion and pepperoni,  which she elegantly prepared on a white marble counter top..

 And this was just the beginning, as one by one the pies were shuffled into the oven for a quick, ( I'll call it flash)  baking.

And in very short order, onto the table..

A perfect, apple wood fired, brick oven pizza..
Now that's what I'm talking about!

Thank you Deb and was totally awesome!