Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Day Out

I finally got my act together and spent half of today fly fishing..It's been awhile and my casting skills are atrocious but I got out and enjoyed a beautiful early spring day here in Maine. I decided to try a couple of spots that I had never fished before and one of them, a small "river" that has had in the past a small Atlantic Salmon run, forewarned me about hooking up one of these regal fish..not that there was any worry about that , this time of year..but I duly took note.
There is still a couple of feet of snow in the woods. I was a bit surprised by the amount. When I used to downhill ski , we called this type of springtime snow..corn snow..I guess it's now called granular..but I digress..
I was a bit surprised as well that the water levels were so I said I've never fished this "river" before so I have no prior knowledge of the flows. Very bright and sunny.
A better stretch of river..but not even a bump.
Looking back to the road..

Although I had no luck whatsoever was absolutely glorious getting back out with a fly rod in far as my casting skills,well that's another matter...................And as far as the fish.."when the leaves are as big as a mouse's ear"......


  1. I remember watching your dad lay out an amazing number of yards of fly line at Ducktrap back when Atlantic salmon were fair game there. What was more impressive is that his back cast distance was restricted, so he went vertical on the back cast and horizontal on his shooting cast. Didn't hook any fish, but he sure put on a casting clinic.

  2. That's a beautiful river. If that sign is accurate you have quite an assortment of fish there. One would have a great day there on a warmer day.

  3. Spring may really be here at last. The water level thing is a mystery to me too. The water levels in the streams in Acadia surprised me after all the snow ( which is still melting)

  4. Steve..he was something else to watch while fly fishing especially with his long salmon rod..that baby could toss some line..

    Brk Trt..that particular watershed has lots fishing opportunities and I plan to enjoy as many as I can this season..and what's nice is that it's only about 30 mins drive from my home.

    John..It's amazing isn't it? What was it a couple or three weeks back we had the weekend that it rained hard? I know that the flow on the St. George was way up at that time..maybe the heavy rain cleared away most of the snow pack then?