Saturday, April 2, 2011

Opening Day 2011 Shutout

Yesterday was opening day for fishing here in Maine..well sort of..usually I'm not a huge participant of opening day fishing as , in the past, the water is too high or it's too cold or there's too much ice or this or that. Last year however, because of the very fine spring weather opening day got booted up a week early by special proclamation of Gov. Baldarci (spelling? you know Mama's boy..) and I did take part. Yesterday?..not so much..

That old hag Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us , the B....!

So I spent a valuable fishing day looking out my windows with disgust and thinly veiled anger and working on my taxes..Oh Joy..Oh Joy! There were a few, much hardier souls than I, who did get out and actually caught some brookies..God Bless 'em!! And compared to them I stand humbly in their shadows..

So today I must spend a good part of the morning shoveling and scooping my driveway ..I called off the plowman due to soft ground.. and may head west on Rt. 3 to take in the sportsman show in fishing today but possibly tomorrow.

So like the Red Sox I am 0&1..however there is a long way to go!


  1. I'm sorry that you were not able to fish, but better days are coming.

    I caretaker at upperdam once told me. There are two seasons in Maine, Fishing, and Winter

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Brk Trt..It will happen..yes it will..yes it will..yes it will!

  3. We got a completely different result from the storm, maybe two inches of snow after the weather turned to rain. I'll be gearing up for trout soon, there are few scheduling issues prohibiting my first line from being cast.

  4. DEDH..I talked with the "Mayor" of GLS today..he told me that ice out could happen the week of April vacation..What do you think?

  5. I think I will be in a Grand Laker May 1st with the Mayor and should be in GLS Friday, April 1st... Ice better be out!!!