Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maine Island Trails

I was very pleased to find in yesterday's mail my 2011 Maine Island Trail Guide and Map Book. This is , I think, my 3rd year as a member of this fine organization. In fact it was deemed by Downeast Magazine as Maines "Best Trail". Living on the coast, I spend more time cruising the Maine islands in my immediate vicinity than I do fishing in our fine lakes and ponds. Of course, the salt water fishing experience in none too shabby so that just adds to my happy experiences.
However, I hope to expand my explorations this year to other areas such as Boothbay and Mt. Desert, and maybe Downeast... although things do happen quickly in the summer around here..So excuse me..

Below are the more "common" or frequented areas that I call my home grounds. However even these areas that I can navigate fairly safely without the aid of a chart are far from common, with many nooks and crannies that I have yet to discover.

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