Saturday, October 16, 2010

Part 3 at GL

After lunch we headed into Whitney Cove. Fished really close to the eastern shore and picked up a few more bass. Kim constantly monitoring the fish finder and every now and then directing us to "take in a color boys" or "let another color out"..with me , being a complete novice at fishing with lead line, wondering how soon it will be before a underwater boulder strips all my line from my new trolling rig. I did snag bottom later on in the day but with Kim's expert canoe handling ability and Steve's running commentary, I managed to retrieve it all.

Anyways..No salmon..we fished "The Narrows" ...and on the way back to the the public landing we fished just beyond Caribou Rock in another deep spot salmon.. We did encounter a party barge with 3 lovely ladies, a blond at the helm who yelled out.."Kim, how are you doing sweetheart?"..To this day Kim is still trying to ID this maid with the flaxen hair.. By this time we decided to head back to the landing..I wish I could show you some photos of some nice lake salmon but no luck on this day..But it was a great experience just the same..Fine weather..Wonderful company and a GREAT LAKE!

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