Sunday, October 24, 2010

False Start..

While finishing my 3rd cup of coffee and  standing on my front deck , looking at all the leaves that have accumulated in The Rebel Sport, I came to the conclusion that something had to be done about them. I could either sweep and then vaccum or run the boat west on Rt 3 at 60 mph and let nature have it's way with them..And since it would take me at least a half hour running time to clear them out, I may as well stop over at Lake George, as I would be in the vicinity anyways..Great idea, to take advantage of both situations and plus it seemed to be the making of a nice , mid Autumn day. I geared up.  Extra clothing, 3 different varieties of fishing rods, PFD's, camera, net , etc.. Backed up to the tongue , hooked up, fired up the Jeep and nothing except a cloud of blue exhaust smoke..After  a number of tries, the engine kicks in but won't stay running in park.


I haul out the air filter and knock it on the bumper..looks ok..Try it again, same thing..I can keep it running if I start it in Neutral and drop it into Drive with foot tweaking the gas peddle ..The little devil on my left shoulder keeps telling me..what the hell...go for it..submit to the tempation..While the little angel on my right shoulder tells the right thing as temptations yield to nothing but trouble, such as not being able to get the Jeep started with it on the ramp and the boat on the trailer..


As much as I wanted to go with my old friend the tempting one, I decided to give it up and make the right decision (one of the few times I might add). After unhooking the RS, I make it down to the local Irving..dump in too much dry gas and head back home..I ran the Jeep all around town with no trouble and it turns out that the wind really started to kick up, so maybe things do happen for a reason... Maybe today will be the day to take care of those pesky leaves.. Here's hoping....

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  1. Sometimes its better to give it up before you get too deep into an uncomfortable situation, belive me I've listened to the devil and gotten burned :)