Saturday, October 16, 2010

Filming..didn't go well...

I just got a HD Flip Camcorder so I decided to record a afternoon fishing adventure for lake salmon at one of my local haunts..Lake St George in Liberty..Geared up my boat and together with my my Yellow Lab, Ray, headed out to the lake..Of course the town had removed the dock at the boat landing so that complicated matters somewhat because Ray was reluctant to get into the boat because he was way too content to check out all the PeeMail that had been left by his fellow canines around the landing..On top of it the wind was blowing directly onto shore causing my boat to bounce a bit on the rocks..But with a bit of conjoling and bribery using a Milk Bone , Ray finally hopped in and away we went..So..The wind is blowing..the dog isn't real happy and I get one on..I'm trying to keep my boat off the rocks..keep my dog from tripping me up , boating the fish and filming at the same time..Needless to say I have a long way to go..Here is my first attempt..

Ok..not exactly Academy Award all ended well..the fish got boat on the rocks..and Ray got another Milk Bone.


  1. Nice little video. Sometimes they cooperate, sometimes not.

    I love the Landlock, great fish.

  2. Been going through your blog.. lots of fishy stuff here!!