Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Grand Lake...September Past

So to continue my story...We headed up lake..Kim at the controls..me mid canoe and Kim's brother Steve in the bow..We trolled around the hole at Dyer Cove for a while..nothing going on although the fish were holding very deep. Steve did pick up this massive smallmouth..just not sure where..but for the sake of argument..let's say that it was going toward our next fishing spot..Whitney Cove..but before we got there I had to find an excuse to get ashore so I could go pee..not gonna use the canoe pee bucket when I'm sitting in the middle..there is no where to turn to satisfy my need for privacy..so on the semi-rouse of needing to stretch my aching legs , I asked Kim if it would be allright to go ashore to unkrink...so we stopped for lunch..that Kim prepared..at the old Doolittle Camp..yes that Doolittle who bombed Tokyo soon after Pearl Harbor...

It was absolutely gorgeous for a lunch/pee stop..The warm September sun..no wind..a very little breeze..perfect..I just don't understand why more people don't consider this part of Maine, Paradise..Like Steve said..Lucky for us that they don't. So after knocking down a ham and cheese sandwich I had a chance to stroll up the shore a bit and took a few photos..

Kim and Steve...relaxing in the warm sun..

Looking up lake toward Whitney Cove..our next fishing destination..

Kim's Grand Laker...

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