Monday, October 11, 2010

2 Bulls and Cow Moose

I headed up to Grand Lake Stream yesterday to check out the salmon action. There were probably between 20 and 30 fly fishermen and women around..either on the the stream fishing or milling around..or at the store buying coffee..cold wind out of the north or northwest...but it was chilly..nothing to report for me..not even a bump..I did see a decent fish taken by a fellow fisherman who was nymphing..but that was the only one I saw..people were telling me.."you should of been here last weekend" that made me feel good....anyways..on the way up I spotted these 3 moose just off the South Princetion that was my excitement for my daytrip..gotta get a telephoto for my Canon..I'm missing too many good shots...

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  1. I remember fishing in Rangeley in the fall, and one of the most exciting things that happened to me was while fishing a stream and looking up to see a magnificent bull moose accross the stream on the bank.