Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wild Trout And Spring

I guess I'm just getting soft in my golden's a beautiful, sunny day here on the mid coast with the afternoon temperature just about 20. 

You'd think that for a February day those two combinations would be pretty darn good. I guess it is. But just having got back from a walk with Ray, I thought it was nasty cold out there. Of course the 20 mph wind gusts were not helpful and choosing to walk in the field outside our back door rather than the wood trail was a mistake. 

Nevertheless with the aid of my insulated hoodie sweatshirt I made it through the arduous trek. Once in  I immediately started brewing a hot cup of coffee.
And once I got the coffee going, Ray started bugging me big time about his supper, even tho it is 2 hours too early. But he tells me his tummy never lies about such things, so I decided to placate the boy with a well deserved bull stick.
Having gotten Big Ray settled down I decided that it would be a great day for one of my favorite comfort foods,  pot roast. So being that Pat is away for a few days and it's definitely not one of her favorites, I threw one together.
Well the coffee is done, supper is cooking  and it's very pleasant with the sun streaming in on me, sitting at the table in our dining room listening to some music..what else?. of course..research some unexplored, small trout stream to fish come April. So I gather up three of my favorite reference books 

and start dreaming of heading out, with Ray and my 3 wt fly rod, to one of those hidden, trout filled brooks..... The anticipation of fishing where I have not fished before.....
 The anticipation of wild trout and tight lines....
The anticipation of spring which can't come soon enough.....


  1. Spent your day very well! I'm looking forward to some milder temperatures and some sunlight, too. Maybe a little green-up.

    Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Hey Casey..thanks for stopping by. I just joined Snapping Twigs and am looking forward to keeping up with the adventures of Trapper and Tobey...

  3. I just got back from a brisk walk, not bad but the wind sure does bite.
    That pot roast looks great, is the beef a piece of chuck?

    Bob Newmans book is a very good refrence. I had a copy and misplaced it. Love the Dead River story.

  4. Ray looks happy, your roast looks yummy, and spring will eventually get here.

  5. Brk Trt..Yes I do believe that is the cut I bought and the Newman book is excellent..thanks for stopping by..

    John..Ray's formula for happiness..a walk, a chewie, and a bit of sun to lay in. And the older I get the more I subscribe to his formula, with the exception of the chewie. I hear it's an acquired taste. I appreciate your checking in on us..