Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meet Zed

This is Zed , a 9 week old Yellow Lab, Guiding Eyes For The Blind project,  that will be the next in line for puppy socialization. I'm not sure where Zed will end up for the training but if it worked out that he settled here with us for the next 14 to 16 months , that would be just fine with me.
As with any puppy, chewing is a big deal. And after becoming re-acquainted with just how sharp puppy piranha teeth are on fingers, especially mine, I offered him a well chewed Nylabone, that I smeared with a bit of peanut butter. Clearly Zed thought it much more tasty than any old human finger, ESPECIALLY mine . 

Of course one of the best times to enjoy a puppy is when they are sleeping
 And as my wife often says..
"A tired puppy is a good puppy."

We'll soon know what destiny has in store for Zed and I'll be sure to keep updated postings on his adventures. But I have a strong suspicion that whatever path he chooses he'll make his mark, teeth or otherwise.


  1. Zed,
    You look to be a fine one.
    I also enjoy a nice nap.

    1. Yes we think he will be a very fine one..thanks Brk Trt

  2. Lab puppies = epitome of cute. Good luck to you and Zed. Hope all goes well for him.