Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a family tradition....

I'm lucky to be part of a fine, family tradition such as fly fishing. My dad, as I've mentioned many times in this blog, was absolutely crazy about it. It was a huge part of his sporting life and I'm very thankful for that. How could one not get excited about it when he would bring home a great catch like this Atlantic Salmon from the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. We heard stories about that fish for years.
Good going , Pop!


  1. Ah - fish stories. I fished about every day when I was a kid but never fly fished- maybe not to late to learn.

  2. What a Dad.
    What a nice photo to hang in your home.

  3. Hey John..In your many hikes you surely come across lots of brookie waters. You should definitely think about it!..thanks for visiting

    Brk Trt.. My siblings and I are very fortunate to have had a long tradition on the Maine outdoor life from both sides of our families. Very fond and precious memories..thanks for the comment