Monday, February 27, 2012

Hiking About West Grand

On those occasions that I get Downeast and enjoy the fishing on West Grand Lake and fly fishing Grand Lake Stream, there are other very enjoyable pursuits to partake, such as hiking one of the many trails located nearby. 
One of my favorite Maine blogs is

Hiking In Maine With Kelley

Kelley and John are an adventurous pair who are on the road everyday to some awesome hiking spots and they regularly visit maine-matters for which I am very grateful.

So here's a little thank you from maine-matters

Who knows maybe Big Ray and I will meet you and Kelley on one of these trails someday..I'll keep my eye out for a friendly chocolate lab!


  1. Thank you. I appreciate it and hope others will make suggestions about hikes- the original purpose of the blog. We will look for you too. I will put up a link to Maine Matters.

  2. A nice blog, and it should be welcomed by folks who live in Maine and to those who love the outdoors.
    Love those peppers.

  3. I'll be hiking around Hardwood Island this weekend over big lakers and salmon just itching to see what lies above the ice...

    1. Can't wait to get back out there Duckman..Ice out by tax day? And thanks for the comment.