Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Toward 2011 - Stonington

So here we are..the last day of 2010, and a very successful year it was highlighted by a week spent fishing and la-dee-dahing in August at West Grand Lake..salmon and bass fishing on Lake George.. Pat and I mackerel fishing with our 5 year old grandson, Dustin, and, with our dogs, spending a lovely afternoon on the Penobscot River enjoying the Bangor Folk Festival ..a flat calm afternoon with my sister Linda observing a a "pod" of about 15 seals in a feeding frenzy.. an early morning breakfast on Flat Island with Mike and Deb.. and exploring many beautiful islands of the western gut of Penobscot Bay
In retrospect , I should have done a lot more photo documenting and started a log book of our trips from last year..Hopefully 2011 will show a better effort on my part in these respects..

So..time to move on to planning out 2011 and some new spots that we hope to enjoy.

First on the list is the very pretty harbor and village of


My plan is to set out from Rockland very early in the morning..thru the Fox Islands Thorofare and due east to Stonington..I'm thinking there should be some pretty fine fishing and photo ops in and around the many islands and maybe an opportunity to work our way over to Isle Au Haut.. But that my require us to camp out on some deserted horrible would that be..and on the way back we would have to spend some time cruising around and about North Haven and Vinalhaven..

Next Post..

The Kennebec River and Merrymeeting Bay


  1. Hi and a happy new year. Just out of interest. Is your surname Bayman? If so we might be long lost relatives. :-) I had an aunt that moved to Maine and her maiden name was Bayman.If not where does the Penbayman come from?