Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saying Hello To The Neighbors..Tis The Season

My lab Ray and I had a nice walk yesterday down the field to say hello to our neighbors..An inquisitive yet shy group and somewhat suspicious..we did our best to be friendly..well Raymond was a bit peeved at their stand-offish-ness and voiced his opinion. They reciprocated by grumbling and growling at him , strongly getting the point across that our visit was totally unnecessary, and even trying to get Ray to electrocute himself on the fence. Ray, having in a previous walk, touched his nose to it and had apparently learned his lesson, would have none of their exhortations. I fear that there will be no detente in our relationship..It could get ugly..


  1. Ain't much use for them Alpacas is there? Hope the pup stays out of trouble, though!