Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 Small Streams

Less than 12 weeks for open water fishing in most streams and brooks here in Maine..My work place is a 25 minute drive from my home, thru hills and vales.

Directly on my route are numerous brooks that I've scouted out and put on my list to fish before and after work.

One of my favorite blogs..
Small Stream Reflections
has reminded me not to overlook those wonderful and rewarding experiences that abound on small waters ..

Above are winter photos of 3 of these small streams that I am so looking forward to fishing this coming spring!


  1. I have around three months to wait as well. I drive around 45 miles to work every day and fish many of the streams along the way.. They dont look as wild as those though...


  2. Can't wait..maybe I'll have to do some ice fishing with my grandson in the meantime

  3. Love the look of those creeks! Look spring fed and has me thinking of trout. Sure hope the temps around here reach the upper 20's this weekend. You have me wishing I was fishing!

    Hope to hear good reports from these streams!

  4. I have fished a small stream in Maine's western mountains for years. Its the finest brookie stream in Maine. I will not give out its name to protect its residents.