Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Starting a new blog

 As my fishing season inexorably winds down I've been thinking lately that I need to continue to blog thru the long off season. But with little or no fishing activity to report in the coming months the thought of keeping maine-matters viable was beginning to stress me out a bit. I mean how many times can you show pictures of boats, beer and babes? Well I guess you can never get your fill of babes but I'll leave that up to other bloggers.

So in the fertile recesses of my mind I have come up with:

my new weekly blogoshphere endeavor . 

Of course I have :

which I have more or less abandoned, but not on a permanent basis. 
Anyways..check them out if you have a notion to..


  1. Readings On The Fly,
    I like it.

  2. PGM, "how many times can you show pictures of boats, beer and babes" . . . FYI A LOT. :)

    Swinging OVAH to "the fly".

  3. My wife says I can't have anymore blogs, but I then retorted "you can have anymore facebook"... as of right now, stalemate... Will slide over and preview your site and decide whether or not I will follow... lol