Monday, October 10, 2011

Far Out, Man! East That Is

It was a stupendous Sunday, an absolutely beautiful late "summer" day, so the decision was made to hike West Quoddy Head. We were there because it was Rob's 50th birthday and we had spent the night before in his hometown of Calais feasting on mega lobsters and steamers. The next morning the pickings were done up for a picnic lunch of lobster rolls after our hike.

West Quoddy Head

The name "West" Quoddy is a bit confusing as it is the most eastern point of the contiguous 48 states. Technically there is a small island off Alaska that sticks out into the the border of the Eastern Hemisphere but I think it's nonsense. Clearly Alaska is west of us and it seems to me that the Alaskans want, both "ends" .  I guess soon they'll want the "middle" too.
 Start of the trail.

It doesn't take long at the start of the trail to be immediately impressed with the ruggedness of the coast. Just amazing boulders and bedrock butting heads with the Atlantic.

 A naturally occurring log thank you!
Caves and a beach..about as good as you hope for.
 A carpet of moss
 Hardscrabble life for the runty trees.
 Bountiful bunches of berries.
No room for missteps here.
 More of the beautiful Maine coast.
Ray picking his way on and around the beach boulders.

The "Light". The eastern most point in the U.S. mainland.

Everybody in our party got back to the lighthouse safe and twisted skinned knees, just hungry and ready for those lobster rolls..and what a spot to enjoy them to the fullest!


  1. That "bridge" is totally sketch. Had you taken it, I doubt if you'd have written this post. ;) That's beautiful, beautiful country you're in!

  2. I love that trail and the smell of balsam that permeates it on a warm day. What a great choice!

  3. Beautiful photos of the beautiful rocky coast of Maine. Someday I hope to visit the place where the sun hits the US first. I believe it's Lubec.

  4. Those are great pictures.
    They remind me of Acadia.

  5. You're right e.m.b no place for me and yes again, it is truly beautiful..thanks for checking in on me!

    PenPaddles..As we were hiking it I actually thought of you and wondered if you had ever kayaked there. a bunch of them were going in along the way..thanks

    Brk Trt..The coast always draws me to it and there is a big controversy about the first rays of the sun...some say Lubec, some say Eastport, some say the top of Cadillac Mtn..thanks for your comments..

    Ed..Yes the whole coast line from Acadia north is rugged , so powerful , totally awe inspiring..thanks a lot for checking in!

  6. We paddled once from Lubec to Eastport at low tide, amazing sights along the way. We've never paddled by the lighthouse. Wicked currents there, you need to really have your timing down.

  7. Beautiful scenery; like the illustration at the top of your page, too!

  8. You have some really great pictures here. I wouldn't mind seeing it first hand.

  9. Thanks was done by a local artist. I have it hanging next to my desk and it's one of my favorites

    FFC..Thanks for the comments and Welcome Aboard! And I wouldn't mind trying out the tarpon fishing some time.

  10. Interesting place- I have not been there yet