Monday, October 3, 2011

Baxter Brookies And More

Ledge Falls On Nesowadnehunk Stream

Baxter State Park often called the crown jewel of the Maine State Park system is a name well deserved.  It was originally seeded by ex-governor Percival  P. Baxter with his donation to The State of Maine of 6,000 acres, which included the heart and soul of the park, Mt. Katahdin.  Today the park totals 209,501 acres, 75% of which is a mangaged wildlife sanctuary.  Within it's borders the Maine State Park Service lists 44 ponds and lakes that support a brook trout population.  There are also numerous brooks and streams that do as well, some of which are true wild fish. It was those wild brookies that were the reason why I was heading north on 95  around 5AM on the 26th. 

Looking Upstream On The Nesowadnehunk 

To say that Baxter is a wilderness area is a major understatement. After the two hour ride to Millinocket and then the additional 15 miles to Togue Pond Gate and then another 20 miles up the park's Tote Road , a narrow gravel by-way  (per Gov Baxter's requirement) , I had arrived, or so I thought. I would attempt to hike into Nesowadnehunk Lake and fish the stream from the dam down. Good plan..not so good results..I just could not find the unmarked path that goes to the lake..Another time perhaps..Since I would only be at the park for the day and this searching was cutting into my fishing time, I headed back down the Tote Rd. with stop at Ledge Falls and some fishing for a while..move on..stop at Slide for a while..and a bunch of other wide spots in the road on my way to Kidney Pond Campground. Passed maybe..10 vehicles..

Kidney Pond Campground

Oh yeah..the fishing..It was a bit slow but I did manage two brookies from one pool. They were hovering under an over hang of debris that had washed down and accumulated in a large pile in a bend of the stream , next to a very large boulder.  Of course I had left my camera in the Jeep so I have no photographic proof. You'll just have to take my word on this. 

So that's it..only two trout but a wonderful day in the Maine woods. One of "those" days that will be filed away in the "What a great time" folder..Looking forward to April or May and another shot at the lake and some hiking into some of those trout filled, wilderness ponds.

Did someone ask what about moose? The only one I spotted was this one as I was going south on 95.


  1. My uncle has a camper at Nesowadnehunk Lake. I've thrown a few sinking nymphs after the brook trout during one father's day weekend. Too bad it rained all weekend but what a beautiful place.

  2. That is a great asset to the State of Maine.
    I have never been there but from your description it's my kind of place..... long may the brook trout be wild and free.

    Great post friend.

  3. A co-worker has climbed Knife Edge and said it was beautiful in Baxter. He didn't mention that there was good fishing up there. I may have to check it out one of these days. Thanks.

  4. DEDH..that camp sounds great..and yes it is truly a wonderful area. We Mainers are blessed.

    Brk Trt.. It definitely would be your kind of place. I have a feeling those wild brookies in that place will be living wild and free for many generations to come. Thanks for your comments..particularly the friend part..that means a lot friend.

    Ed..It's a true gem..bring your sleeping bag,tent, camping gear, fishing gear and hiking boots and plan to spend a while. Those ponds and streams? 2,3,4 or more miles in..too much fun!! Thanks for your comment.