Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flat Island Partie Deux

Last Sunday was the  Second "Annual" Bailey / Webber Flat Island (almost) Sunrise Breakfast Summer Gathering. A fine morning menu was planned out by Deb and Pat including deviled eggs, bagels, cheeses, ham, jam, prosciutto, all washed down with Mimosas using my favorite sparkling wine, Prosecco .

The morning sky was clear and bright, the bay was a beautiful blue, changing to a light green hue as we motored further from the harbor.  Seals, porpoise, ducks, ospreys, loons, and herons all added their natural beauty to the morning.   And with an incoming tide no worries, because sometimes we can be forgetful beachcombers, about our boat being grounded out on the sand bar.
Pat preparing to retrieve the boat prior to launching.
Leaving the inner harbor
Digging in!
Chillin' out is easy with views like this!
Yes I did take one of my fly rods.
First "tinker" of the season..
I'd be worried if I were the one on the left.
The last surviving U.S. built steam yacht in the U.S. and one of only 3 in the world...The "Cangarda"
 Prepared for any eventuality...
Can you imagine pulling a hundred lobster traps using one of these dories as they did back in the day!

It was a truly lovely outing and I'm anxious to get back out.


  1. Great photos.
    The heron on the right is up to no good.
    Do the mackerel battle well on the fly?

  2. was a awesome day to be out and about on the've seen a lot of them yourself!

    Brk Trt..Thanks..You know they actually do. They are pretty feisty little buggers. Next time I want to use my Ultra Light..that should be interesting!