Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes the fishing is secondary

It was just as I was afraid of..nothing..nada..not even a hit. Yesterday morning on the Penobscot proved fruitless as far as catching a striper or anything else for that matter. Unless you count a couple of big blobs of seaweed. We, myself and my faithful companion Ray, put in at the Belfast public landing around 6 and were fishing underneath the Bucksport Narrows bridges by 6:30. By the way old one is looking very shabby but with no money to tear it down I guess the state will just let it rot away..

Working our way down river, against an incoming tide we enjoyed some mighty fine scenery and architecture..

About 2 hours into fishing  Ray was pacing from bow to stern and longingly looking at the river bank. I sensed that he needed a break..if you know what I mean..I found a great little beachy area that was protected from tide and  flowage ..Ray was relieved , both psychologically and physically..By the way, speaking of tide and flowage..When the seaweed hit my streamer I put the motor in N and noticed that we were actually drifting up  river , against the river flow (and the Penobscot is no little meandering waterway), a testament to the strength of our everyday, tidal tsunami's .

We continued on to Sandy Point and the wreckage of the old wharf ..

And finally the ledges of Fort Point Lighthouse..

As I said..the fishing is sometime secondary.
 As much as I was hoping to catch ..something..well maybe not the seaweed..The morning turned out to be a resounding success. One of  "those" standout days that will be fondly remembered come next February. 


  1. Thanks for the photos. They are wonderful.
    Just a thought, ever take sea run browns, or brookies in that area?

  2. Yes Brk Trt I've thought of it . I guess there is a population of trout in the river and the Atlantic Salmon is making a comeback, although they of course can't be purposely fished for..Check out this link and then clik on the July 24 data

  3. My brother and I fished this section of river in our kayaks 4 years ago and caught over 20 stripers above the Ft and under the powerlines.

    3 years ago we repeated the trip and paddles all the way down to sandy point. As with you we only caught sea weed!

  4. Rabid..Yes I've read you post regarding it several times. It must have been a blast catching them from kayaks. Perhaps another time will come.

  5. Glad you had a good day! Nice pics!