Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vinalhaven For The Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day so Pat and I, plus another couple that are close friends with, Martha and Glenn,  took advantage of it and got the 7AM ferry..The Governor Curtis..from Rockland bound for Vinalhaven. Vinalhaven is 12 miles off the mainland and one of those quintessential Maine destinations. The Gov. Curtis accommodates 16 cars and that is a tight fit. And if there are any 18 wheelers or dump is a premium. Since there was no way to get our car across and even less chance to get it back we hoofed it on board accompanied by Tessie. It was a great day to do some hiking anyway.
One of the older,smaller and less used ferries.
Leaving the ferry terminal in our wake
Rockland is still a working harbor
Coast Guard Station
The mile long Rockland breakwater and light and..a good spot for fishing!
Owl's Head Lighthouse
Some of the many islands on the way
Heading in the the village of Vinalhaven
The name says it all!
Wonder what the main source of income is?
Love the homemade sign!

Typical scenery
Pups like to fish too!
Dig the name of the lobsta' boat in the foreground
Tessie and some new friends watching the sailing regatta

What a great experience we all had ..highly recommended.


  1. Reminds me of Grand Manan. I know I would like Vinalhaven. Thanks for the photos Mike.

  2. I don't want to be "Anonymous", I just don't know how to sign in properly (computer illerate...that's me!!) *L* Jeezly Linda.

  3. Great photos.

    Owl Head Light, the rock bound coast of Maine.


  4. Canadian Linda..Thanks for following. We have to get together on Grand Manan!

    Sister Linda..thanks!

    Brk Trt..I NEVER get tired of being out and about surrounded by the beauty of a shaded trout pool or the rugged rocks of the Maine coast. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Beautiful shots! Now I want to go to Vinalhaven...

  6. Good account of your trip, enjoyed the photos...

  7. PPaddles..You wouldn't be disappointed. It would be great to see your take on it.

    DEDH..Watching the lobster boats I got to thinking about other such colorful Maine say..Beals Island

  8. Great pics! Love the scenery.

  9. Nice pictures. I have never been but you make me want to. No problem taking a dog apparently?

  10. Hey John..Dogs are absolutely no problem..our pup Tessie had a great time..the trip is highly recommended!