Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Maine Outdoorsman Found

Rabid is back at

All is as it should be..once again..


  1. You may want to check your Gear Gluttony post, I can't drop a comment. I'll be hitting L.L. Bean this weekend, it may be a tad harsh on the wallet...


  2. Good luck to you DEDH, it's a siren song...

    (dangerous appeal: an alluring appeal, possessed by something or made by somebody, that has the power to tempt people, though yielding to the temptation may have unfortunate effects)

  3. Managed to get things worked out with the blog. RE-bought the old URL. Think things are re-directed correctly . . . I hope. What an ordeal!

    Please drop me a line if you see anything flaky.

    Thanks for your assistance!