Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I think there's more in his bowl

So it's 5:15 AM and it's breakfast time for Tessie (on the left) and Ray (on the right). It seems that Tessi likes the looks of Ray's breakfast better than hers..actually it is her bowl and she may not like it in front of Ray. Tessi will , hopefully , be a Guide Dog for the blind.. my wife Pat is a long time Puppy Raiser for an organization out of Yorktown Heights NY , Guiding Eyes For The Blind, and Tessi is our new loaner puppy. Big Ray is a program washout and now is our beloved home pooch.
Ray absolutely LOVES getting out in the boat with us to fish and explore and hopefully Tessi will share his enthusiasm . However with the ice still in the ponds and lakes and our continuing abnormal cold temps, it may be some time before our first launching.


  1. Many fly fisherman think much like the dogs. He has better fishing in his area than me?

    But the grass is not always greener, is it?

  2. Yes you are correct FFR...the grass may not be greener nor the next pool more productive..tight lines

  3. A great photo.
    The saying a picture's worth a 1000 words, you have showed how true that is.

  4. Thanks Brk Trt..coming from you that is a great compliment..