Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chives Arrive - With Apology To Tom

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Wild Plants and Wooly Bears, written by local Maine author Tom Seymour, entitled "Chives Alive". And his post got me wondering what the status of my chives are on this 13th day of March. Since we've been the recepients of a good amount of rain , fog and warmer temperatures, I decided to check them out. With the poetic title of Tom's having already been used, I will simply call my post...
"Chives Arrive"
(Close to Tom's but not enough to expose myself to retribution by The Master..I hope!)


  1. A sure sign. I was out fishing today and low and behold...... Skunk Cabbage popping up.

  2. Brk Trt That would be good indicator of fiddleheads soon to follow!

  3. I have an old LL Bean cookbook that has a recipe for fiddleheads and brook trout.

    A little story, My son and I were fishing Maine and along an old logging road we found a mini stream. It had a nice strong flow. We dropped a few elk hair caddis on it and sweet Marie, we hooked some of the most beautiful brook trout I ever laid eyes on, 5 inch wild beauties. We kept 4 of them and cooked them in a fry pan on a sterno stove with salt and pepper right alonside that stream. No finer taste was ever enjoyed by anyone.