Monday, April 2, 2012

St. George River Race

We took a few minutes out of our normal Saturday routine to drive out to Searsmont village to check out the 
33rd St. George River Race

The little town was buzzing with excitement as the competitors milled around the starting line, which is actually in the Quantabacook Stream. Once started the racers enter the St. George a few hundred yards down stream.

According to Dale Cross the director of the Waldo County Y, there were 111 watercraft entered and they would navigate the
six mile course, ending at the Rt. 105 bridge in Appleton.

So rather than hang out on the Searmont bridge to watch the race start we walked down to the confluence of the stream and the river to get a little different perspective.

Once the racers get through the initial flat water they join up with the St. George. 

This large boulder is an appropos marker that literally divides the two waters. 

Here's a view of the Searsmont bridge as we climbed back up to our car to head down to the Ghent Road bridge and the "falls" 

The Ghent Road bridge is "notorius" for those spectators looking for some canoe flipping over action but not so much on this day. The water was just too low so the most excitement we witnessed was the occasional hang up with one of the paddlers having to jump out to give a push. 

The safety team was ready for any unfortunate mishap but in the time that we were there no one was in danger of being swept out to sea.

The kayaks seem to have a much easier time of it with some of the paddlers enjoying a make shift slalom run.

So even though the conditions were a bit bony leaving many a river rock with a new color scheme of green and red, the race was a huge success to the benefit of the Y.  

And now the fly fishermen can reclaim the river for their own as I hear there is some good action to be had for browns and brookies. Sounds like a plan....


  1. Looks like quite a race. That first photo say's there's a great deal of interest too.

    1. It's been very popular thru the years but the low water levels took a bit away from it..thanks for stopping by Brk Trt..