Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Canoe In The Woods In Waldo County

We decided to do a little exploring the other day as it was one of  my days off. This was one of those combo hikes which would include a little fishing.  I've been trying to re-visit some of the places that my Dad used to take me fishing as a kid and one of those places is a little "mountain" pond nestled in the back woods of  Waldo County. 

This little gem of a pond is surrounded by private land and is managed for wood harvesting.   But the owner allows access to his property for sporting interests. The trail leading into the property is gated so this means that a hike of approximately 2 miles is necessary but the hike is a very pleasant one with a layer of pine needles for carpeting.  The woods road follows the shoreline of one pond before splitting off onto the path to the next, our destination. No people and no cars to worry about which is great for our two sniffing pooches.

The path leading into the pond with a glimpse of blue..

End of the trail...  
Little Zed , not sure of what to make of this...

This pond is not at all conducive to fly fishing from the shoreline so I brought along my ultralight spinning rod and even with that it wasn't easy. Spotting a boulder to my right I did a little bushwacking to get to it in order to provide a bit of elbow room for easier casting.  Along the way I came across an upturned canoe.

I got to thinking about the considerable carrying and pulling it must have taken in order to get it there but clearly the owner knew that the fishing would be worth the effort.
Making it to the boulder I stood there for a while just to enjoy the scenery.

Hard to believe that this seemingly remote pond is less than a half hour from downtown Belfast. So I'll be back soon for a more serious fishing effort which will include my fly rod and hopefully I'll have some success to report...


  1. Looks like a pretty spot, The dogs obviously thought it was a good place to explore.

    When you get back in the Hidden Ponds you also find boats and canoes stuck back in the brush and I have also wondered at getting them in there.

  2. They had a blast. Nary a peep from them after we got home!

  3. Can't wait to hear/see about your next trip with rod in hand. And Little Zed is a heartbreaker!!! :)

    1. Yes Erin..he's a cutie for now anyways! I hope to be able to send a good report on my next visit. thanks for stopping by.

  4. Beautiful pond. I have encountered canoes in some backwoods waters in western Maine.
    I would be interested in your fishing reports on this pond.

    1. It will be fun getting out there very shortly..the state closes it to ice fishing so the trout should be very frisky..thanks for stopping by Brk Trt..