Monday, September 5, 2011

Jammin' The Wind

  This past weekend, the family (me, Pat and our guide dog to be Tessie, big Ray missed out on this one)  decided to spend a few hours checking out the Camden Windjammer Festival. So we headed down the backroad , Rt.52,  to  "quaint" Camden town. I must admit that even though we Belfast-ers have an inate disdain for the supposedly better than thou Camden attitude, I do very much enjoy my visits there, either by car or by boat. It really is a pretty town but best visited after the Labor Day holiday.

  After a good amount of snooping around the festival we strolled on to see if we could catch up with Barb Goos , a one time guide dog puppy raiser and who is also the Dockmaster at the Camden Yacht Club. Luckily she was at the dock preparing the shuttle to pick up some yachting types and bring them ashore and she graciously invited us out for an unexpected boat ride. It's always nice to get out on the harbor to view the boats with the Camden Hills in the background.

  Our visit with Barb and her release pup Olive done we headed back into town for a cup of clam chowda' with a homemade biscuit, crackers and a cold brew at Cappy's Chowder House.

 Here are a few photos of the goings on...

Harbor view 

Stern of the schooner Mary Day

 Camden town dock 

Bow and anchor of the Nathaniel Bowditch

Barb and the shuttle

The harbor and the Camden Hills



  1. It's beautiful scene.
    Great photos.

    And you know I'm loving that Chowda.

  2. I would certainly call Camden "quaint"... so much so I've made the 131 south out of Belmont permanent. 46 crosswalks in 1.2 miles...