Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bassin' at Swan Lake - Large or Small ?

I took my grandson Dustin and his Dad, Gary out for a few hours fishing at a local lake near my hometown. The lake is Swan Lake in the town of  Swanville. It's about 1200 acres and has a decent population of togue, landlocks, and bass. Not one of my favorite spots but very handy with the potential of some decent fish.  We trolled for salmon almost the entire length concentrating on the two 85-90 foot deep holes but with no luck. The nature of trolling, most of the time not being high on a five year old's to do list, soon was supplanted by some bass fishing fun.

 We scooted up to the north end of the lake where there are a couple of rocky outcroppings. However one small problem..I had forgotten to re-charge the trolling motor battery. So while Dustin and Gary were casting a multitude of different lures, (and I mean multitude, about every 3rd cast) I was navigating around the boulders with the big motor trimmed up enough so that  the water intake could just keep the  motor cooled. 

Now the wind comes up , pushing us onto some barely submerged rocks. I trim the motor all the way up and shut it down as we ground out on a glacial pebble. Gary and I are scrambling for paddles and he is quickly retrieving his 47th choice of lures when it was hammered. 

Now be aware that I am not an avid bass-man so with some thoughtful discussion both Gary and I agreed that his " biggest bass ever " was a largemouth (very green in color with a horizontal black marking). We didn't know about the mouth to eye thing until later. 

Anyways..Those of you out there who actually know what your talking about? Some assistance please.... 

Oh yeah I managed to get us off the rock...Dustin released the bass and for the rest of the day..nothing more was caught..

Above is a small large ? that Gary caught about 10 minutes before the large large ?


  1. It appears to be a largemouth, of good proportions.

    Good things happening with 3 generations on board.

  2. Yes Brk Trt..it is great to have them out fishing with me..Dustin absolutely loves it!

  3. Nice pics of the two of you having a good time.