Saturday, July 16, 2016

Out And About...

 Waterfront Tenants Harbor
 Boat Ramp .. Looks a little tricky..
 Some vessels in and around the harbor...
 Lobster impoundment...
Atwood's Quarry...

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather that we've been having here on the coast of Maine and head down (my apologies to "Downeast" ) the shoreline, ending up in Tenant's Harbor.

Located in St. George , on a peninsula, TH is a small, tucked away harbor that still has a good mix of fishermen intermingled with pleasure boaters.  It's a bit off the Rt. 1 beaten path and therefore still has the old time Maine flavor to it.

The boat ramp looked a little tricky to me so if we were going to do some cruising in that area we would probably opt for launching in Rockland which is just "up" the coast. With it's fjord-like geography that part of the Maine coast would lend itself to lots of exploring and rubber-necking.

There's lots of history to discover in and around TH including taking a peek at Atwood's Quarry and a lobster impoundment nearby.

It's so nice to have such beautiful Maine spots in our backyard..
truly a pleasure..


  1. I envy you guys up that way, so hot and humid down south. Thanks for sharing

    1. We are lucky to live on the coast. Most of the time we get a nice ocean breeze. I hope you can stay as comfortable as possible Bill..thanks for checking in..