Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Boating The Bagaduce River, Check..

We finally checked off another check off square from our Check Off List.  Castine has been one of our go to spots and when we visit we almost always tell one another that someday we really have-to explore The Bagaduce River.

So leaving Castine harbor in our wake..


and with our bow pointing up river..


we began our inland voyage...


 Of course as with any exploration of new waters one must be aware at all times of positioning and potential hazards. And so with the chart in the hands of a very competent navigator and our vigilant lookout stationed on the bow to alert us of impending danger


  we enjoyed smooth sailing on the broad waters with "The Narrows" looming ahead of us. 


 However our tranquil voyage would soon be interrupted with the eddys and and strong currents that quickly appeared. Strong enough to nearly submerge a green can. 


 But  just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared, returning us to flat water, with our destination coming into view


 and looming ever larger, the Town of Penobscot,  nestled on the shoreline of Northern Bay.


 Even though we were some distance from the shore the river bottom was quickly closing the gap between us and it. And with the tide now receding we came about and worked our way down river, soon finding ourselves back in familiar waters of Castine harbor.


 A "pitstop" on Holbrook Island with it's convenient dockage was now in order...


 And so another check off from our Check Off List and another great day on the bay.


  1. I see you have a new friend on this voyage. Beautiful area, just curious what would the fishing be like there? Thanks for sharing

  2. He's a good sailor for sure..this particular river is a tidal river so probably the fish would be mackerel or maybe sea bass..maybe bottom fishing for flounder..thanks a lot for your comment Bill..

  3. A nice series on a place we haven't been

    1. You should check out the Castine area..Holbrook, etc..great trails for a pup who likes to swim..if you know of any..thanks..

  4. Just keeping post my friend I like what I see.

    1. Thanks Howard...will try to keep on truckin'..

  5. Replies
    1. It was a great day on the water..we love exploring new places..