Monday, August 10, 2015

Lovin' Eastport..

Last weekend my family and I traveled Downeast to Eastport for a memorial of a family friend. 

Eastport has been down trodden for a lot of years and I remember it to be a town of plywood covered windows, with the atmosphere of a dying community.  But I am extremely happy to report that on our visit those images and feelings no longer seem to apply. We happened to be there during the dedication and festivities of the bronze sculpture of a mermaid which adorns the lovely harbor walk.

The next day on an early Sunday morning I took a stroll around the still sleepy town, just after a beautiful downeast  sunrise.

The breakwater which partially collapsed last December is being rebuilt and to me symbolizes the "rebuilding" of the town itself.


As well as the fishing fleet there are of course a few anchor businesses in town that have seen it all.  Including The Waco Diner. Established in 1924 and a staple of downtown , and some say the oldest diner in Maine, 
Looking down (or up)...

 or up (or down)..I guess it depends if you are an uptown person or a downtown person..

or from the water,
you can see and sense the pride and love that it's citizens have for their community reflected by the storefronts and it's upbeat atmosphere. 
It truly is a gem of a Maine place to visit and we are sure to be back. You should too.
Good going Eastport!


  1. This looks like a place one could retire in and relax the rest of their life!! Enjoyed the tour

    1. I think it would be a good spot for sure to relax..particularly Jan thru April..not much going on there then..