Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bailey's Doing Great In College

For those of you who occasionally read maine-matters you would be aware that my wife and I (95%  wife / 5% me) are puppy raisers for Guiding Eyes For The Blind out of Yorktown Heights New York.  "We've" (meaning Pat) raised many potential guide dogs in the past and the latest one to leave home for college is Bailey..

(Of course this is when we first got him..I couldn't resist..)

Our update we got from the training center is that Bailey is doing wonderfully and a pleasure to work with.

So our boy is doing great and making his parents very proud.
Keep up the good work son!


  1. Thanks Alan..he has the makings of a fine guide..not unlike the ones we use fly does our heart good to see that he's progressing..and we do too!

  2. Working with people with disabilities, I frequently get to see the beautiful results from the love and hard work that goes into making a guide dog. Congrat to you and your wife for your dedication.

    1. Thanks Howard..just something we do because we love dogs and love seeing how they improve the quality of life for people..

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    1. Thanks Mark..and he's continuing to do well too!

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    1. Thanks John..and a further update as of the end of February... he is still in the program and doing awesome..

  5. Watching this series on Netflix- very good- tonight they had a segment on a dog from Guiding Eyes for the Blind - thought you might be interested