Thursday, July 10, 2014

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie...Camp Style

We were back at pie was our desert while spending the weekend..the Arthur Spencer Pond Cabins, northeast of Lily Bay, Moosehead Lake..
Last summer we tried our hand and blueberry pie..on the shore in front of our cottage in Gouldsboro.  This year it was strawberry - rhubarb. The sweet and tangy combination that cries out ...summertime..
The first thing that is necessary is of course the cooking coals..Begin with separate piles , one which will be used underneath and on top of the cast iron dutch oven. The other pile is to be used as replacements for the ones that burn down as cooking progresses..
Once your ingredients are prepared, according to your favorite recipe, the pie is placed into the dutch oven on top of a strip of folded up aluminum foil which will be used as a hot pie extractor. Of course if you have more discipline than we do.. (more on that in a bit).. and let the pie cool inside the oven you'll be able to skip the foil extractor step altogether.
Next placement of coals..I'm sure there must be a formula correlating the number of coals to get the oven up to cooking temp. 6 underneath? 12 on the lid? More..less?  We don't know..we just wing it..
And of course we yield to temptation..lifting the lid ( a huge no-no) to check on the progress to get a whiff of the fusing, melting, sweet mass of bubbling goodness contained within...
And when it is deemed done..with golden crust and lava like behavior spilling out of the cracks in the crust (pie not earth), we'll set it aside to "simmer" a little longer..but not a lot longer..
Shortly..back into camp and then on the rest further?
I guess that's appropriate but...
(Here's where the lack of discipline comes in....)
We just can't do it...and so instead of a perfectly triangular shaped pie wedge with the fruit just barely oozing out of the open wound..our still hot mass of goodness sits like a blob on our plate..
but man..oh good it is...


  1. That looks amazing. And food always tastes better at camp.

  2. Thanks Janet..and boy does it ever taste better!

  3. This is something I have always wanted to try and now I have the will and instructions. This pie has smell evasion, I don't have to ask was it good--great post--thanks for sharing

  4. I highly recommend it Bill..smell evasion..I like that..thanks a lot..

  5. I know I'm an oddball on this, but I don't care for rhubarb or strawberries. Have a recipe for chocolate cream pie? ;)

    1. Yes indeed Howard..we love CCP too..I wonder how it works in a Dutch Oven..thanks!

  6. What? No vanilla ice cream? Seriously though, it looks swell. Dutch oven cookery is a neat process.

    We went on an Alaskan float trip several years ago. The guides prepared the dinners via dutch ovens. Everything from prime rib to chocolate cake. Simply amazing.

    1. You are correct could we have forgotten the ice cream! Just not right without it..thanks for coming by..