Monday, July 15, 2013

Meet Bailey..Our New Project

With our last boy Zed, officially starting his "college education" to become a Guide Dog, we now have a new boy and start the process anew..
Meet Bailey..
Bailey was born on April 25th and has been integrating into our household for just a short time. But long enough for us to tell, including Big Ray,  that the new boy will be a project, but a fun project. 
Readers of maine-matters know that boating is a major part of our life style and Bailey could not have a better mentor to show him proper boat dog etiquette than our boy Ray. For instance, who has dibs on all toys..for now.
Of course as the little guy grows he will assert himself more and more and eventually Ray will accept him as an equal, almost...
So here we go again..number 15
Not all have made it. Some just don't want to do it. Just ask Ray. But Bailey seems to have the right stuff. And in another 14 or 15 months we'll find out. 
But until then..batten down the hatches!


  1. Totally sweet.
    Good luck with the new pup.

    1. Thanks Alan..I think he'll be a winner..many upcoming exploits to report I'm sure!

  2. Lovely photos- kudos for the work you do.

  3. Knowing the importance of these guys I can't help but admire the work you do. Great looking pups.

    1. Thanks Howard. Although it's really 99% of my wife's doing..but we both like working with the puppies..