Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Bugs..No Brookies..ButtaBass and Blownout

I have been so bad this spring about getting out to go fishing.
Not enough time..too cold..too busy..too many excuses..
So yesterday morning I decided that I had exhausted all acceptable reasons not to go fishing, geared up and made the short run to Searsmont. Under normal circumstances YOU would NOT find me fly casting in the rain but that indeed is what I found myself doing.
And I found it to be peaceful and soothing, surrounded by the lush greenness of a mid-May spring day and the accompanying plops of raindrops falling on my head.(Catchy phrase there, maybe I should think about writing a song...)
Anyways..Yearning, really just dreaming to possess even a tiny portion of  Issac Walton's power of observation,  it finally dawned on me that there were no bugs and no rising brook trout.
 Perhaps a dry fly wasn't the right choice. Maybe they were lurking below, waiting for a morsel of food, riding the undercurrents.  Changing to a wet fly, I cast toward the opposite bank, letting the flow of the stream carry my offering into the pool below me. And then...BANG!
Fish on!
The way my ultralight fly rod was torquing this had to be an exceptional brookie! And when brought to net, it was revealed...
a nice little bass.
Not what I was hoping for but fun to catch on light gear just the same.
After releasing my first catch of the season I moved on down the bank of the stream to where in the distance the water was moving over rocks and forming rapids.
but unfortunately no time.
That work thing always seems to get in the way of fun.
So having broken my fishing funk I'm looking forward to returning very soon. Perhaps some warm evening when the bugs are buzzing and the brookies are biting.
And  I did return yesterday, not with my fly rod in hand but to watch the Annual Searsmont Village Memorial Day Parade.  After the parade I wanted to see what the stream looked like, having endured 10-14 days of off and on rain and a weekend of downpours...

 The "large" body of water in the foreground is actually a field. The stream I fish is in the background, just beyond the group of trees. Guess I'll be waiting a bit longer.


  1. Mike I enjoy fishing in a light rain, so peaceful.
    That smallie must have put up a nice fight.

    1. It was very peaceful Alan. And I agree with you about fishing in a light rain, emphasis on light. Of course brookies or salmon are what pull on my heart strings but smallmouth bass are so agressive and such strong fighters. Lots of fun.

  2. BANG! Awesome post! Congrats on getting out of the fishing funk. What a way to start it off, too - I am a smallmouth fishing fan. Hope the trout come to hand soon. Take care -

    1. Thanks Casey. There is no doubt about it when a smallie hits the fly..Too much fun!

  3. Water water everywhere- but you make me think about fishing again.

    1. You could do worse my friend but you and Kelley are doing great just the way you are! thanks for the comment..

  4. Glad that you were able to get out and land a fish. As you said, a light rain is nice to fish in, and usually welcomed when the bugs are out!

    Good luck for next time!

    1. That was the last time I've been out. Right after this post I did something to my back and have been on the IR list. And unfortunately missed a good portion of the best fishing. Getting better now, so I hope to be back out shortly. Thanks for checking in on me Peter.