Saturday, October 13, 2012

Belfast's Old Man Of The Mtn..With Apologies To New Hampshire

Big Ray and I found ourselves taking a short hike this morning along the Little River Community Trail in our hometown of Belfast. A layer of the first real frost coating fallen leaves and pine quills awaited us on our path, making the footing just a bit slick. Well at least for me since I don't have A4PD, all 4 paw drive. 

The trail we used begins near the upper dam on the Perkins Road and ends up at the lower dam on Route 1 near Little River Cove. However we only went half way, just to the section of river that starts backing up into a reservoir, once used for Belfast's water supply.

The morning was quiet and the sky was bright. Being so close to the ocean, the changing leaves still have some changing to do but it was a lovely view just the same. 

Big Ray, who usually finds this spot particularly inviting for a swim, refused to partake in the activity this morning.  And instead kept staring at me in amazement that I had forgotten to bring along his treats.

 My apologies go out to my hiking companion.

On our way back we took a short off shoot trail that overlooks the river. As I came upon the overhang

 it struck me that it looked much like the Old Man Of The Mountain (now a pile of rubble), located in our sister state of New Hamshire.

Call me nuts but I definitely see a face

and I think that we Belfast should now make the claim to fame.

Looking back up river from beneath the old man's chin

I began to wonder about the implications of such a claim but soon dismissed my concerns.

Back to the road we came upon some contented and unfazed, grazing alpacas which are in fact our neighbors.

And soon we were home, with Ray headed immediately to his biscuit tin. I think I've been forgiven....


  1. Great hike. I love the look on Ray's face. And I do see the face in the rock...reminds me of Easter Island. Always enjoy the glimpses you provide of your beautiful state.

    1. Thanks Jim..I really appreciate your comment..